Can you keep a secret?
A new creative and comprehensive intermediate photoshop course for authors & designers that want create discreet/object covers is approaching.

Lean in a bit closer.
Closer still.
Shhhhhh, it’s a secret.

For one week only enter the somewhat elusive realm of one of the most challenging cover requests… Objects and Typography only covers. A new trope of covers has been born and it’s called DISCREET covers.

Join me & other creatives ( Aug 14-18th 1.5-2 hours a day) for a week  where you will encounter challenges designed to test your inner genius and tap into that “fresh meat” of creativity designing typography heavy and object only covers. 

The veil of mystery will be lifted as we will uncover the secrets to crafting book covers that will leave readers (AND YOU) becoming addicted.

Join in on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of discreet book cover making. Unleash your creativity, & revel in the satisfaction of joining the select few who possess the knowledge of Somethin' Discreet (we're a secretive bunch )

Introduction to color theory - why it's important and how to change for mood

Fonts & how they tell a story (And why SOME fonts should be banished straight to hell)

No more fear of Photoshop (it's NOT a nightmare, I promise!)

Layer masks & why they'll save your life (and your time...and your money!)

How to make simple covers & more complex discreet cover (by using all the tools from above)

Feel like a total photoshop badass! (this is serious stuff guys!)

Templates & Resources (Because I've had 10+ years to collect & create guys!)

Discounts & Freebies (Valued over $300)

Lifetime access to the replays

Walk away with at least two new cover

A group of supportive creatives that have also been through my courses

Biggest win? Having MY face and MY voice (dripping with fun and sarcasm) as your guide! ;)

Who is this for? Intermediate to advanced photoshop users. At LEAST have taken my badassery class.

When is it? August 14-18th 2023 for  1-2 hours a day for 5 days.

Do I have to show up live? It's highly recommended to vibe with your fellow creatives. It keeps you accountable and you get a lot of insight. However if you can't show, no big, replays are available forever.

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Regina's course took me from hating Photoshop to being completely addicted in four short weeks. I didn't think it was possible, and yet she made it happen. She was knowledgeable, over-the-top patient, and kept working until I figured out where I'd gone wrong. Her knowledge of the publishing industry, was the perfect blend to focus us on exactly what we needed to take away from the class. Instead of dreading opening the tool, I'm not excited and energized. I'm truly grateful for the class and the time she spent with us.

LJ Evans
Author and previous course student

I landed in Regina's classes armed with just enough knowledge of Photoshop to be dangerous. I have more projects than I can count that started off okay, but at some point took a wrong turn that at the time I just couldn't identify. Thanks to her Badassery and Wizardry classes, those days are over. Not only have I vastly improved my skills, I can look at other cover art and break it down to understand how it was created. I'm not afraid to dabble in Photoshop and click on even the unfamiliar tools to see what surprises are in store! Until her courses, I watched videos on YouTube, you all know the ones, people mumbling at sixty miles per hour or they zip through the lesson leaving out half of the tricks and short cut sequences that got them there. You pause every three or four seconds trying to catch secrets to unlock something as which function they selected in the drop down menu. Then you spend a solid hour after feeling like a fool for just not getting it. Unlike those videos, Regina takes her time. She injects humor and quirky entertainment to keep her students engaged and enthusiastic for more. She teaches shortcuts, but more importantly, even in the intermediate level Wizardry course, she continually reinforces them throughout each video. For the shortcut resistant, that's key...and you guessed it, I'm shortcut resistant. Oh, and guess what? She rains bonuses on her students. But the best part, the videos are forever. I can go back to any lesson at any time if I need a refresher! This has absolutely been the best money I've spent on any class thus far hands down! I'm not so anxiously awaiting for her to drop the sign ups to the next level up!! 

Casey Hagen
Author and previous course student

This is easily the best course I've ever taken, and I wish I would have signed up sooner! I was amazed at how much of a difference learning each and every thing could make. Regina is a masterful teacher and explains things in a way that we learn and understand like we're pros. I found myself looking forward to each class and eager for what she'll teach next. If I get a chance to scream this from the rooftops, I'll take it!

Jessica Campagna
Previous course student
I can't recommend Regina's class enough! I've tried to learn PS for YEARS and never succeeded. I believe the reason I have succeeded with Regina as my teacher is because she focuses on the skills and tools we need for book cover design and marketing graphic design, and knows exactly how to teach those skills. Regina is easy to follow along and extremely patient. She's always willing to answer any question and go over things until we understood. I will absolutely be taking more classes with Regina!

Nina Lavine
Previous course student
Your Instructor
Hey, I'm Regina Wamba. It's me in all my snarky introvert glory. I'm a bit of a rebel who is determined to do things differently, weave through the chaos of a creative and manifest consistent and spellbinding art, forevermore.

My creations have been given awards, featured in magazines, and have graced multiple New York Times & USA Today bestsellers lists while landing my work on bookshelves (and magazine shelves? LOL) across the globe (I'm still in shocked about this one!).

My soul is in everything I put out into the world whether it is from behind a camera lens, a Mac screen, a sarcastic tee, fine art creations, journals & books or world-trekking adventures. I'm an artist, mom, wifey, entrepreneur, and teacher building a creative empire to inspire all the creatives! My dream is to be someone for visionaries to look up to and artists to pursue their biggest dreams (because, WHY NOT?). I want people to hold magic in their hands, and always believe in their own unique, incredible magic.

Full throttle and all-in, my brain is an explosion of ideas and color and I only wished that my hands could keep up with my brain of chaos & creativity.

Let's make magic.
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    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
  • What if I am unhappy with the course?
    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
  • When does this course start?
    The course starts July 24th! Once purchase is made, an email will be sent to get you started an joining our Facebook Group for moral support!